FROM THE DEANS:  This is an advance notification that the atrium will be closed after school tomorrow, Wednesday, March 14, 2018.  The school staff has to prepare for our annual Calcutta Auction.  In addition, there will be no after-school activities on this day.  Please make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements to be picked up after school and/or have on the appropriate attire to match the weather outside while you wait for your transportation.

FROM THE MAIN OFFICE: This is just a reminder that students that have been given envelopes from the office that the forms must be turned in to either Mrs. Ayers or Mrs. Wilks as soon as possible.  Please check your lockers, book bags, and/or other possessions.  If you do not turn in these forms by the deadline, you will not be able to renew your vouchers.  Thanks!
CAMPUS MINISTRY: For the remainder of Lent, Cleveland Central Catholic will be collecting donations for City Mission.   City Mission is a non-profit charity organization that serves the homeless and at-risk population in the city of Cleveland.  They provide essential long-term community services such as food, housing, job training, counseling, youth programming, Christ-centered teaching and much more.  Donations will be collected in Theology classes.  Please consider donating to others in need.  Thank You.

ATHLETICS: Volleyball conditioning will be over at 3:50 today. Meet in the weight room at 3:00 PM sharp!

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