FROM THE DEANS OF STUDENTS: Students are reminded that they should be at their assigned class periods at the appropriate times.  This includes lunch and study halls.  At no point in time should students wander the hallways because they are not where they are supposed to be.  We are off to a great start to our school year and let’s keep this going.  Hall sweeps will begin next week, so make sure you know the best routes to your classes.

RTA BUS TICKETS AND PASSES: Students that received RTA Bus Tickets or Farecards last school year should make sure that they see Ms. Gurley in the Advancement Office before leaving school today.  If you do not come by the end of the week, your bus tickets and/or farecards will be returned to RTA.

AFTER-SCHOOL CLEANING: Cleaning crew begins promptly after school in room 102.  Please make sure that you have all of your school items with you prior to coming to cleaning crew.

CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL BUS: Attention to students that ride the bus to and from school.  Please make sure that you are in the St. Stan’s parking lot at the appropriate time.  School buses leave after school exactly 2:50---- DO NOT BE LATE.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: We have two members of the Cleveland Central Catholic family celebrating a birthday today.  When you see senior, Kristopher Baker, or junior, Kyshawn Roberson, in the hallways today, make sure that you wish them a happy birthday.  If you are celebrating your birthday today, we wish you a happy birthday as well.

Cleveland Central Catholic High School | 6550 Baxter Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44105