• Each day of this week, we will have a Random Act of Kindness that staff and students should try to complete.   Today’s Act of Kindness is to clean up litter on the floor or cafeteria and pay a compliment to at least 3 people.
  • Today’s quote: “Learn something new and then teach it to someone else. You will both have something new and interesting to talk about."

STUDENT SENATE: There will be a brief but mandatory meeting of Student Senate today beginning at 3:00 in the Fr. Fiala Room.  BE ON TIME!

BATTLE OF THE CLASSES: Attention Students: Tomorrow (Thursday) after school at 2:40, ALL of you can have the chance to sign up for our Battle of The Classes that will take place on Friday.  We will need 10 Freshman boys and girls for the tug-of-war, 2 boys for a dunk contest, 2 girls for a half-court shot and 6 people for a relay race that includes, jumping rope, human bowling, volleyball bumps and dizzy layups.  Freshman and Sophomores can sign up after school in room 301 and juniors and seniors can sign up in room 304.  Think about what you may want to do and it is first sign up, first to be in Battle of the Classes.  So, sign up tomorrow after school.

MILES OF SMILES RAFFLE: Happy RAK week!!  If you see any of your classmates smiling, give them a smiley face token given out by your homeroom teachers.  If you receive a coupon, write your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and GRADE LEVEL on the back.  Enter yourself in the "MILES OF SMILES" raffle by turning your token into the bulletin board on the third floor by the water fountain.  On Friday, we will draw a name. This positive student will receive a smiley-faced cookie cake to share with their classmates as well as their smiles and joy!  Keep smiling CCC!
CSPJ: There is a meeting on Thursday after school at 2:50pm in Room 300 for CSPJ.

VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT CARD RAFFLE:  Do you like Chipotle, Subway, Applebee’s, Arby’s, Candy or Sky Zone? Do you still need a last minute gift for Valentine’s Day? Buy a $1 raffle ticket for the Valentine’s Day Gift Basket and support the sophomore class! Raffle tickets will be 1 ticket for $1 or 6 tickets for $5. They will be sold during lunch or after school with Mrs. Williams or Ms. Danforth. Winner will be announced at the Battle of the Classes rally on Friday.

FROM THE LIBRARIAN: Attention all readers of science fiction and fantasy novels.  I have a milk crate of sci-fi and fantasy novels on my desk that are free for the taking.  A generous donor wanted you to have first dibs on his collection.  There are a variety of authors and all are quick reads.  If you liked Lord of the Rings, these would be right up your alley.  No fair taking library books!  Library books have spine labels and CCC bar codes.  These do not.  So look twice before you grab them off my desk.  If they are from the milk crate and they have no spine label, and they have no CCC bar code then the book is yours.  Don't forget you can also check out a book by filling out the form in the basket.  I have been madly cataloguing the these past few days mostly in the graphic novel section.  I have quite a few new volumes of Bleach, so please check it out.


  • Anyone wanting to try out for softball needs an updated physical by Monday, February 20th.  If your physical is not up to date, you will NOT be allowed to try out.  Physical forms are located outside the Athletic Office or stop by room 304 and Mrs. Williams can give you one.
  • There is a baseball meeting today after school at 2:50 PM in Room 300.  We will be meeting with Coach Smith and Coach Wallenhorst.  See Mr. Wallenhorst if you cannot attend.
  • Purchase your advanced sale tickets for varied Ironmen competition this week.  Today, the Lady Ironmen will celebrate Senior Night against Youngstown Christian beginning at 6:00 PM.  The red-hot Ironmen basketball team will see competition against St. Thomas Aquinas at St. Thomas Aquinas on Friday and again on Saturday night against St. Edward High School.  Saturday’s game will be well attended so plan accordingly.


  • As part of our Spirit Week festivities, we will have a Chubby Cheeks competition right now.  Here is how the contest works:
  • Each homeroom must select ONE student to compete in the competition.  It may not be the same student from yesterday’s push up contest.Once you have heard the cue, students will have 60 seconds to see how many marshmallows they can stuff into their mouths while still breathing.At the end of 60 seconds, the participating student must take a picture that has their name, class year, and the number of marshmallows they have in their mouths.  If you do not have a picture, you cannot qualify for the prize.
  • We will take ONE student from each grade level and reward them with a gift card to McDonald’s.  We will give you a few seconds to get yourselves ready (pause).
  • Once you hear the cue, students can start stuffing those marshmallows.  We are trusting you to be HONEST with your counts.  Are you ready?  On your mark.  Get set.  Go!  (count 60 seconds)  Please send your final counts and pictures to Mr. Eatman with your student (or staff member) via email.

FROM THE DEANS: It is going to be a crazy weather week outside Central Catholic.  The temperatures will be in 30s today, but will drop overnight and the rest of the week. With that said, please make sure you are dressed appropriately with a school-approved sweater or vest as well as a long-sleeved button down shirt.  Reminder that hoodies, hats, scarves, gloves, ski-bands, or other non-uniform attire is prohibited.  There will be several dress code checks as well as hall sweeps.  Since you do not know when they are coming, you should make sure that you are in uniform at all times.  In addition, if you cause a disruption coming from the lunchroom, you will wait until you have calmed down.    Remember, the atrium closes at 4:00 PM and you need to have all of your belongings with you before cleaning crew begins.  You will not be permitted to retrieve those items because you went to Popeye’s, had to lift for sports, or simply wanted to hang out with friends.

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