• Students are reminded that they are to be in dress code at all times. Students should have the proper shoes as neither athletic shoes or boots are permitted.  Men, you are to have on a tie at all times throughout the day.  Ladies, you are not permitted to have the book bag style purses or any purse large enough to hold a book within it.  Lastly, hair colors must be those that can be grown naturally on a person’s head and you may not have any exotic designs etched into your hair. Doo-rags and non-religious head coverings are not permitted.  If you are found in violation of the school dress code policy, you will be sent home immediately.  We will also conduct random sweeps throughout periods.  Thank you for complying with this policy.
  • Also from the Deans, students are not permitted to ride the elevator during the day or after school unless you have a pass from the nurse or the Deans.  There are numerous staff members and students that need to use the elevator for medical purposes. If you are found on the elevator by anyone without a pass, you will be sent home immediately.  Again, thank you for conforming to this policy.
  • Any student that is not with a coach or receiving a lunch from the Food Bank Program cannot wait in the Social Center after school.  The atrium is the assigned waiting location for students waiting for their transportation.  It remains open until 4:00 PM.

FROM MS. SHELLEY: If you are in need of tuition hours, the Boys and Girls Club is looking for tutors at Mound School Elementary.  Also, Metro Health located across the street from our school is looking for students to read to children in the waiting room.  If you are interested in either of these programs, please see Ms. Shelley.  All hours are applied to your tuition.

STUDENT SENATE: Student Senate is reminded that there is a meeting this afternoon in the Fr. Fiala Room beginning at 2:50 PM.  If everyone is on time, we can end at 3:20 PM.  Remember, your Spirit Week is right around the corner.


  • Art Club will resume this Thursday in Art Room 10, from 2:45-3:15. Please be prompt. See Mrs. Brondfield or Mrs. Meyer if you have any questions.
  • Congratulations to Sophomore Art student Briari Robinson-Wade. Briari has made some amazing clay pieces in Ceramics I.  Please congratulate her when you see her and we cannot wait to see what she creates in second semester in Ceramics II.

TALENT CLUB: Talent Club will be meeting after school from 3-4 PM in room 206.

BIRTHDAY'S: We have three members of the Cleveland Central Catholic family celebrating their birthday today.   When you see senior, Raymond Johnson, junior,  Amari Johnson and sophomore,  Jason Negron in the hallways today, make sure that you wish them each a Happy Birthday! 

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