STUDENT SENATE: Student Senate have a brief but mandatory meeting of Student Senate TODAY at 2:50 in Room 304.  Please note the room change.  This meeting is only for the newly elected officers and moderators.  Please make sure that you are there on time so that we can discuss important business.  Also, please save the date for the end-of-the-year Senate BBQ to be held on Wednesday, May 23.

FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE: Please know that the clinic DOES NOT have any allergy medications. If you have seasonal allergies, you need to take your medication prior to leaving home. Thank you.


  • It's time for free books! The library is having another book adoption event.  There is a wooden cart in the center of the library that is filled with gently used books.  Ask me which cart when you come up to the library because I am in the middle of a major project and I can't have you grabbing books willy-nilly without direction.   if you see a few that you would like, please take them.
  • Once you find those few books that will become your favorites, show them to me so I can make sure they are from the cart of adoptees.  Then, take them home, read them, love them, keep them or pass them on.  Happy reading!

BIRTHDAYS: We have three members of our Cleveland Central Catholic family celebrating a Birthday today!  When you see senior, Sahmiya Ali-Campbell, sophomore; Kaitlyn Manak, or freshman, Curtis Jenkins in the halls today, make sure you wish them each a Happy Birthday! 


  • This just a reminder that Spring Sports Awards RSVPs are due to the Athletic Office by today.  Please make sure that you have your completed form and money into Ms. Lash at this time.  This is also a reminder that the athletic leadership workshop is on today at 4:00 PM.  If you have any questions, please see Ms. Lash.
  • If you are no longer participating in outdoor track, please make sure that you turn in your uniforms and warm-ups to Coach Hunter by Friday.
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