Welcome to Cleveland Central Catholic!

Please enjoy the Campus Tour

Instead of walking, use your computer mouse to tour our campus. Here's how:

  • MOVE UP, DOWN, SIDE TO SIDE: Use your mouse to drive the tour of the current scene.  Place your cursor in the scene and left click to move up, down, or side to side in the scene.

  • ZOOM IN, OUT: Left click to select the magnifying glass. Use  +  to zoom in on the scene and  -  to zoom out.

  • ROTATE IN SCENE: Left click on the ROTATE option to begin moving clockwise through the scene.  Left click again to stop rotation.

  • HOT SPOTS ( i ): These spots give you more information about a particular image in the scene.  Left click to open a pop up window that will give you more detailed description.  Select CLOSE to exit the hotspot and proceed with the tour. 

  • QUESTION MARK ( ? ): Selecting the question mark allows you to jump to another predetermined location on our tour.

  • GO TO SPECIFIC CAMPUS: by left clicking on the SCENES navigation in the lower left corner.  This displays image of campus locations down the main viewer.  Move your cursor to the scene you desire and left click to select.

  • FULL SCREEN: If your computer supports it, a full screen HD tour is available by selecting FULLSCREEN in the lower left corner of the viewer.  Press ESC to return to standard view.


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Dear Future Ironmen/Lady Ironmen and Future Parents and Families,

Congratulations! You are beginning the process of choosing a high school and starting the next chapter in your life. In doing so, you need to make sure the school is the right fit for you and takes you where you want to go in life. This can be both a very anxious time and also a time of excitement. You are soon to be high schoolers! Cleveland Central Catholic is a school that has a unique history, culturally diverse students, and an on- and off-campus community spanning generations.  Students not only get a top notch education, but they are also able to participate in numerous extracurricular activities that help them build character. Cleveland Central Catholic is truly “Vibrant in the City” and I look forward to working with you in the coming months as you begin the steps to the next chapter in your life. Please contact me to be placed on our mailing list, schedule a shadowing visit or to ask your questions.


Mrs. Carmella Davies
Director of Admissions
440-409-7474 Cell Phone Call or Text
855-692-2247 Fax Number

Cleveland Central Catholic High School | 6550 Baxter Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44105